The primary film used by Solar Tint Service is XPEL Film. They want to emphasize that they use high-quality films

We know how much you love your car! We are here to help enhance and protect your cherished vehicle using the finest window films available. XPEL Automobile Window Films are an investment that keeps on giving year-round with UV protection, improved comfort, glare reduction, increased privacy, and more! Relatively small one-time investment will keep you cool and protect you’re the interior for years to come; all backed by Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Preserve your dash and upholstery through UV reduction.
  • Reduce glare and hot spots.
  • Increase overall comfort.
  • Extend A/C life.
  • Block “prying eyes”
  • No more screaming “roll the windows down!” in the summer!
  • Conveniently located in Duluth, Ga.


Our Solar Tint Service window tint professionals have years of experience in ensuring each job is properly planned, installed, and supported.  You will rest assured in knowing the job will be performed professionally and on time.  And as a family-owned company, we still believe in customer satisfaction, which is why we back our window films with Manufacturer Limited lifetime warranty

Dash Cam


We are selling car dash cam

Ultra-high definition QHD black box

The Z7000 captures every situation clearly by shooting in ultra-high quality QHD (2560*1440) resolution. Expression of 3,686,400 pixels, 4 times more than HD quality Minimize noise and light loss to record the road environment clearly and clearly.

Smart parking recording Equipped with parking mode change function at high temperature

With iNavi’s proprietary ITP (Intelligent Thermal Processing) technology, Protects your car safely by intelligently changing the parking mode even in situations where internal/external power is shut down. When the situation stabilizes through intelligent temperature sensing rather than simply maintaining the changed parking mode, Actively starts motion recording again to record accurately
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Our Services


Enhance the appearance, security, and longevity of your automobile with our wide selection of XPEL window films. And with our Limited Lifetime Warranty, your tint will look factory for years!


Solar Tint commercial window film is one of the most cost effective ways to lower energy costs. You and your customers will enjoy the comfort and security of Solar Tint window films.


Solar Tint residential window films will protect you, your family and your home from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, while paying for itself with lower energy bills.


Contact us today to find out how Solar Tint Service can help you and your family beat the heat! Get your FREE No Obligations estimate today!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

As a motel owner, our energy cost was going through the roof! And even with our A/C’s going full blast all day, our guests were still complaining it was too hot! All we could say was “it’s middle of summer in Atlanta!”. We had to do something and part of our solution was to redo all of our windows with energy efficient window films. Solar Tint Service, LLC came out and discussed all the ways we could save on our energy bill using their 3M Window Films. They finished the job on time with no cost overruns. Our energy bills are starting to get back to a manageable level, and our customers are no longer complaining! Thank you Solar Tint!

Jordy Scott

Our son’s bedroom faces the afternoon sun so he is always struggling with seeing the computer screen while doing his homework…or playing games ..grrr. We could tell the glare was straining his eyes so we called Solar Tint to come do all of our upstairs windows. It was such a smashing success, that we called them back to do the downstairs! Home sweet home!:)

Kyle Leung

I needed my front windows on my X5 to match the rear factory tint. Having two different colors on a $70k SUV would be so TACKY!:-D My brother takes all his cars to Solar Tint so decided to give them a try. They were so friendly and courteous, and even remembered my brother’s name! How cool is that?!? The car came out great and made some new friend!

Jocelyn Ford

My Hyundai Genesis Coupe has a really hard to tint rear quarter windows. I didn’t want to have cut lines or edges showing or bubbling…yea, I’m very picky about my car! lol A friend recommended I try Solar Tint Service because they specialize in hard to tint jobs. Well, my friend is now my BEST friend! Solar Tint did an amazing job for the right price! People think it’s factory! haha!

Rishi Valle