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Solar Tint Services

What We Do

Based in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area, Solar Tint Services, LLC provides premiere window films and tinting services for automobiles, and commercial/residential projects.  We are an Authorized 3M Dealer with years of experience in the Art of Window Tinting.  We specialize in difficult tinting jobs backed by our Lifetime Warranty and family-owned customer service.

Our Mission

Solar Tint Services is dedicated to helping our customers meet their tinting needs.  For automobile tints, our number one mission is to ensure you are informed of the choices of 3M window films available, and to turn out a final product that looks “factory”.  For our commercial and residential customers, we work closely with you to enhance the appearance and value while lowering energy costs.  And to show that we mean what we say, we offer Lifetime Warranty on our 3M window film installations!

Our Philosophy

Solar Tint Services philosophy is a simple one.  Offer a top quality product combined with top notch customer service and care.  Charge a fair and reasonable price.  Stand behind the product with a Lifetime Warranty.


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What Clients Say

genesis-coupe-demo3My Hyundai Genesis Coupe has a really hard to tint rear quarter windows.  I didn’t want to have cut lines or edges showing or bubbling…yea, I’m very picky about my car! lol A friend recommended I try Solar Tint Services because they specialize in hard to tint jobs.  Well, my friend is now my BEST friend!  Solar Tint did an amazing job for the right price! People think it’s factory! haha!
Ron Don, Surfer
x5-demo2I needed my front windows on my X5 to match the rear factory tint.  Having two different colors on a $70k SUV would be so TACKY! :-D  My brother takes all his cars to Solar Tint so decided to give them a try.  They were so friendly and courteous, and even remembered my brother’s name! How cool is that?!? The car came out great and made some new friend!
Cassy Yo,
LED_HotelAs a motel owner, our energy cost was going through the roof! And even with our A/C’s going full blast all day, our guests were still complaining it was too hot!  All we could say was “it’s middle of summer in Atlanta!”.  We had to do something and part of our solution was to redo all of our windows with energy efficient window films.  Solar Tint Services, LLC came out and discussed all the ways we could save on our energy bill using their 3M Window Films.  They finished the job on time with no cost overruns.  Our energy bills are starting to get back to a manageable level, and our customers are no longer complaining! Thank you Solar Tint!
Jane Doe, Cisco Inc.
home-sampleOur son’s bedroom faces the afternoon sun so he is always struggling with seeing the computer screen while doing his homework…or playing games ..grrr.  We could tell the glare was straining his eyes so we called Solar Tint to come do all of our upstairs windows.  It was such a smashing success, that we called them back to do the downstairs!  Home sweet home! :)
John Doe, Doe Self Parking

The Solar Tint Services Difference

We are an official 3M Window Films Authorized Dealer, the best window films in the industry.
Whether you need your car, home, or office window tinting, we are trained and equipped to handle all jobs small and large.
Window tinting is an art which requires experience and talent to achieve that “factory” look. All of our trained professionals have years of experience in tinting a wide range of windows.
All of our window films come with a lifetime warranty against peeling, fading, cracking, bubbling, color change, and delaminating. We stand behind our work 100%! If there are any problems, simply bring the vehicle back, and we will take all necessary steps to ensure we provide the top-notch service for which we’ve come to be known.

Our Window Tinting Skills

With years of experience in the industry, our window tinting professionals can tackle any tinting job, big or small.  We specialize in “difficult” auto window tinting jobs to achieve that “factory” look.

Automobile Tinting
Commercial Tinting
Residential Tinting

The Solar Tint Services Team

Meet our Window Tinting Professionals

President / CEO

Byung Yoo

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Partner / CTO

Mary Yoo

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Partner / CFO

Penelope Smittens

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